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"Cracked Lighthouse""Evening Light""Maree"

Mosaic Faces

I use a variety of old crockery, jewellery, beads to add colour, pattern and character to my mosaic faces. Most of these stylised faces are on wood 22 x 22.5 or slightly larger at 30 x 25cm. They look wonderful together in groups on a wall. This lovely pair of ladies beloware 30x25cm 

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"Lady with the Blue Necklace""Lady with a pale pink rose""Red Love""Pink Love""Boy with Spiky Hair""Man & Fish"

Mosaic Face Plaques

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"Eva""Girl with Purple Hair""Smile""Love of the Sea""A Rose in Her Hair""Girl with a Butterfly Clip in Her Hair"

More Mosaics

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Lady with the Pearls in her HairLemon LadyLady with the Green EyebrowHoney DewAuroraAdriannaAdeleGirl with the Rose CheekRed Hair, Rew BowWith a Bird on her ShoulderBlue Love